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Feeding Tuna in PEI

PEI Bluefin Tuna fishing on the clear waters off the North Lake harbor shorelines of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. This is a tuna fishing experience to be treasured for a lifetime. These giant bluefins concentrate off the home port of our twin boats "White Water" and "The Tuna Clipper". Every summer and fall this where anglers from around the world come to test themselves against the giant bluefin tuna, one of the fastest and most powerful fish in the sea.

The Bruce Brothers have fishing in their blood and learned all of their tricks for catching the PEI bluefin tuna from their father, you could say they grew up on the water. Jamie and Troy have a combined 37 years experience as Captains of their own vessels.

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Leadering a Giant tuna
Fighting Tuna

The fishing boats are typical of the safe and trusted design used by thousands of island and Nova Scotian fishermen who make their livings from catching the lobster, crab, mackerel, cod and the tuna that thrive in the cold, clean waters surrounding Prince Edward Island . Touring on the Bruce brothers boats is also one of the best ways to see the natural beauty surrounding the island.

The boats are fully equipped with a compliment of the finest fishing gear and a full range of facilities for your comfort. Including bathroom and plenty of warm indoor seating.

Tim Simpson from Blue Water Magazine spent time fishing on the Bruce Brothers boats with Ken Fraser the world record holder for Bluefin tuna 1496 pounds this is an interview describing Tim's tuna fishing adventure in P.E.I.

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